The Texas Department of Banking provides consumers with additional information on the purchase of prepaid funeral benefits.

What is Pre-Planning?

When preplanning a funeral, all of your thoughts and wishes are taken care of. Your family will know what you want, and not what they think you want. To make everything certain, Clarksville Funeral Home will help you put it in writing.

Writing it down will help avoid family disagreements, or involvement by others that may not know what your wishes are. Your loved ones won't question: "Did we do the right thing? Did we forget anything? Is this what she/he wanted? Did we spend too much?" All that is eliminated because you put it in writing. Preplanning is the first step. The second step is funding the funeral. Funding the funeral guarantees that the goods and services selected will not cost the family anything more in the future than they do today. The cost is frozen so that it never goes up again. Preplanning along with pre-funding work together because they offer peace of mind. Your survivors will not be burdened with decisions or unexpected expenses regarding your funeral.

Our staff offers more than 100 years of combined experience in the funeral service profession. This experience, along with our exceptional facilities, provides a quality that is unsurpassed. Clarksville Funeral Home has helped many families prepare for tomorrow through pre-planning. You can be assured that your investment will be a safe one, because we will continue to serve the families of Clarksville and the surrounding areas with the highest standards of excellence for many years to come. Clarksville Funeral Home tradition is here to stay.

Won't you make it your goal to give your family that same peace of mind as so many other people already have?

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